Water & Wastewater Certification Exam Resources

KWEA / ABC Need-to-Know Criteria

These need-to-know criteria describe the core competencies covered on the ABC standardized exams and lists exam specifications, as well as reference material that should be used to prepare for the ABC exam.

These are for your personal use and therefore, please do not reproduce without permission from ABC.

Approved Topics for Certificate Renewal

Following is a list of topics approved and relevant for the Distribution and Collections certifications.

ABC does not have a list of approved topics for:

  • Water & Wastewater Laboratory
  • Plant Maintenance Technology
  • Biosolids Land Application

In this case, KWEA recommends that these certificate holders use the need-to-know criteria for these certifications as a guide. If you are in doubt, please contact KWEA via telephone or email. The purpose of education is to keep you current with changes in your chosen discipline and to advance and sharpen the skills related to your certification. That should serve as a guide for your training. It is not in your interest or the interest of your employer to repeat training that you already have a good command of.